Finding Space

Currently on the agenda for making WomanSpace a reality is finding a physical space. There are a few businesses ready to utilize a physical space and I am hopeful they will be the backbone of the space while we’re working on everything else that needs to be done. The ideal space will be incredibly affordable, have an open area for gathering, a small office (or a corner to plunk a workspace), a bathroom and a central location. Do you know where this space is? Have you seen it? Contact us to share about it.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been honored to hear from many women in the community about what WomanSpace could mean for them, how they would benefit from it and what their vision is. While each person has a unique purpose and vision for WomanSpace, there is always a common demoninator…community support. Each woman knows what she needs from this place and what she can give to it for other women.

It’s taking form, gaining momentum as new women hear about it and share their dreams. Together, we are building this place. Thank you for working to turn this vision into a reality!

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